• Graphic Design Experience 83% 83%
  • Web Development Experience 76% 76%
  • Information Technology Experience 53% 53%
  • Photography Experience 91% 91%

Matthew R. Tiller

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I am an artist, graphic designer, photographer, web developer and IT specialist. I am always in search of the next project or challenge. My main focus, and most intense learning is in the LAMP Stack, and WordPress. I’ve been using WordPress from version 1 on down. Aside from WordPress I’ve worked on magazines, and promotional material to support the marketing department, and outside clients. I’ve also worked with branding, and have built brands in the past. I have real world experience in networking businesses and insuring that technology facilitates business functions.

Graphic Designer

I have held a total of four separate positions as a graphic designer tasked to develop a variety of marketing materials.

Web Developer

Each position led to web design, where I’ve used a variety of CMS platforms, server equipment, and scripting skills.

IT Specialist

Because I work in web design, networks simply became familiar to me, and I was depended upon in this area.


What other excuse to climb a mountain, or backpack through the Amazon. Every chance I get I’m outside with a camera.


Graphic Design Experience

  • Adobe Photoshop (CS6) 91% 91%
  • Adobe Illustrator (CS6) 84% 84%
  • Adobe Indesign (CS6) 92% 92%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (CS6) 88% 88%
  • The Printing Process 98% 98%
  • The Macintosh 98% 98%
  • The Personal Computer 98% 98%


To gain further depth and experience in the fields of Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Information Technology to a point where that depth can impact and influence those trades.


Ivy Tech Community College Columbus, Indiana August 2004 to April 2007
Associates Degree in Visual Communications with a Specialty in Web Design and Photography



Faith Publishing ServicesGraphic Designer, Event Photographer, IT Technician 2007 to 2008

The primary function of this position was to lay out magazine articles into an established brand, and to design various marketing materials for the Catholic Diocese. In addition to act as the supervisor for technical companies maintaining server equipment and company infrastructure. One of the highlights in the network administration part of this position was restructuring the automated voice prompt phone system. As the collapse of 2008 gained momentum positions at this business dwindled.

Lees Tax ServicesGraphic Designer, Web Developer, Backup IT Technician 2010 to 2012

I developed five separate corporate franchise businesses mainly dealing with taxes and accounting for Lee’s Tax City. This position included developing all branding and marketing material in both print and web. Managing ecommerce functionality across all five Joomla! CMS platforms, and insuring transactions consolidated down to one income stream and one membership hub. When we arrived at a final product the business owners failed to apply the concept due to low demand and other administrative complications pertaining to the business structure. Lee’s Tax City returned to exclusively running a tax prep franchise. I decided to seek out more stable employment.

Corporate Advanced ServicesGraphic Designer, Web Developer 2012 to 2013

Corporate Advanced Services managed a startup business called Senior Talk. Under this business name I developed promotional material for a variety of trendy “As Seen on TV” products. When the companies phone was discovered to have a serious flaw (the 911 button would not contact 911) the business collapsed. During my time at CAS I carried two full time positions in web development & graphic design, as well as information technology manager for the Ghoman Brothers.

The Ghoman BrothersInformation Technology Manager 2010 to 2014

I managed the technology needs of two hotels, and three pizza franchise locations. Work consisted of one part marketing department, one part IT department, and backup hotel accounting. I developed any promotional material needed for an array of businesses. Troubleshooting and networking business computers, printers, credit card machines, security cameras, and any other equipment needs was a common task. After the Ghoman Brothers started loosing their franchises I began searching for a stable position.



Web Development Experience

  • WordPress Development 94% 94%
  • Joomla Development 43% 43%
  • Drupal Development 62% 62%
  • Android App Development 77% 77%
  • PHP & MySQL (Still Learning) 47% 47%
  • CSS & HTML 98% 98%
  • JavaScript (Still Learning) 56% 56%
  • Python (Just Started Learning) 22% 22%


Information Technology Experience

  • Network Communications 88% 88%
  • Server Security 76% 76%
  • Web Server Setup and Maintenance 94% 94%
  • MySQL Database Manipulation 69% 69%
  • Apache 66% 66%
  • PHPMyAdmin 88% 88%
  • WebMin 97% 97%
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) 67% 67%


Three Dimentional Design

Parting Words

My latest endeavors are not at a skill level I can tally up really. Only that they involve Blender 3D and Python programming. I would never have reached for such ambitious expertise without first gaining all the above skills. This work is brilliantly amazing, and I’ll post everything I do on this website. Thank you for stopping by my humble corner of the internet to evaluate my skills.

If you would like to talk about future opportunities you can reach me at syristechnology@gmail.com.

Matthew R. Tiller