Most of the past ten years has been spent in front of a computer, it was great, I’ve personally excelled quite a bit! in fact, I’ve been in front of a computer sense I was fourteen. It took a lot of time sitting inĀ front of a computer to realize how important it is to go outside.

These days it’s not as simple to just go outside. I’ve got a child who can’t be out that long or she will go through heat exhaustion. It’s not like I can go to the smoky mountains each day, or Indiana dunes whenever I want (Working on it, but not yet) Further more, I have to keep a nature photography specialty active.

So I’ve created a way to organize it, what about just around the corner. I remember when I was a teen, I walked everywhere and was amazed at how many people offered me a ride, unaware that I was walking around simply because I wanted too. I would walk everywhere until I began running. At the most I would walk more than twenty miles a day, cycling is another thing I’m getting back into.

On average I’d run three miles a day, walk no less than a mile a day, and weekly ride my bike an average of five miles a day. Today however, I’ve forgotten what that really meant. So this area, anything labeled “Around the corner” details and documents small, mini explorations.

There is a spot, around the corner forgotten, it’s past the houses laying on the edge of the cornfields. The only way there is down an overgrown and nearly forgotten dirt road that is more tire tracks than an actual road. This is the area I’ll be going first. Down there, is a small stream that is nothing more than a dribble of continuous water, this is the spot I’d like to explore, photograph, and see if it can be one of those “hidden areas”