• Graphic Design Experience 83% 83%
  • Web Development Experience 76% 76%
  • Information Technology Experience 53% 53%
  • Photography Experience 91% 91%

Matthew R. Tiller

Mooresville, Indiana 46156
Ph : 317.796.2898
Em : syristechnology@gmail.com
St : matthewtiller.com

I am an artist, graphic designer, photographer, web developer, IT specialist, acoustic guitar dabbler, bookworm, curious, creative, ambitious, intelligent, efficient, punctual, adventurous, obsessed, and polite.

Graphic Designer

I have held a total of four separate positions as a graphic designer tasked to develop a variety of marketing materials.

Web Developer

Each of the four positions led to web work, where I’ve used a variety of CMS platforms, server equipment, and scripting skills.

IT Specialist

Because I work with web design, network communications simply became familiar to me, and I was depended upon in this area.


What other excuse to climb a mountain, or backpack through the Amazon. Every chance I get I’m outside taking photographs.


To gain further depth and experience in the fields of Photography, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Information Technology to a point where that depth can impact and influence those trades.



Graphic Design Experience

  • Adobe Photoshop (CS6) 91% 91%
  • Adobe Illustrator (CS6) 84% 84%
  • Adobe Indesign (CS6) 92% 92%
  • Adobe Dreamweaver (CS6) 88% 88%
  • The Printing Process 98% 98%
  • The Macintosh 98% 98%
  • The Personal Computer 98% 98%


Ivy Tech Community College Columbus, Indiana August 2004 to April 2010
Associates Degree in Applied Science with a Specialty in Graphic Design and Photography


Faith Publishing ServicesGraphic Designer, Event Photographer, IT Technician 2008 to 2009

At Faith Publishing, I would layout magazines for various Catholic Diocese, and oversee delivery of the final product. I was also in attendance to the many events held under the Lansing Catholic Church as an event photographer. When our computer equipment needed upgrades or maintenance I was the one to oversee such activities.

Lees Tax ServicesGraphic Designer, Web Developer, Backup IT Technician 2010 to 2011

I was brought into the company to create the face of five separate devisions. This includes branding, marketing materials, and five separate websites unified into one cohesive whole. In addition I was to assist the Information Technology Manager with whatever he needed help doing.

Corporate Advanced ServicesGraphic Designer, Web Developer 2011 to 2012

The position at Corporate Advanced Service had a demanding schedule, a time frame of two days was given for every website the company needed. They did business in the arena of “As Seen On TV Product” the websites were one page splash pages that processed orders for popular and trendy products.

The Ghoman BrothersInformation Technology Manager 2012 to 2014

The Ghoman Brothers are brothers in Indianapolis who run a variety of business in the hospitality industry. My position spanned across multiple businesses within the area, I was to handle all technology needs for these businesses, as well as develop marketing materials and electronic media.


Alas! We get to the basement

Here… There be ghosts!

Join me, (if you dare) if your eyes don’t glaze over and your head explode right then and there!!! …I know both happen to me on a daily basis. Ahhh, what would love be without pain.



Web Development Experience

  • WordPress Development 94% 94%
  • Joomla Development 43% 43%
  • Drupal Development 62% 62%
  • Android App Development 77% 77%
  • PHP & MySQL (Still Learning) 47% 47%
  • CSS & HTML 98% 98%
  • JavaScript (Still Learning) 56% 56%
  • Python (Just Started Learning) 22% 22%


Information Technology Experience

  • Network Communications 88% 88%
  • Server Security 76% 76%
  • Web Server Setup and Maintenance 94% 94%
  • MySQL Database Manipulation 69% 69%
  • Apache 66% 66%
  • PHPMyAdmin 88% 88%
  • WebMin 97% 97%
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu) 67% 67%


Three Dimentional Design

Parting Words

My latest endevors are not at a skill level I can tally up really. Only that they involve Blender 3D and Python programming. I would never have reached for such ambitious expertise without first gaining all the above skills.

This work is brilliantly amazing, and I’ll post everything I do on this website. Thank you for stopping by my humble corner of the internet to evaluate my skills.

If you would like to talk about future opportunities you can reach me at 317.796.2898.



Matthew R. Tiller