Web Dev. & Design

I created Perce as a sandbox to build things. From this website I am slowly learning how to write plugins, and have created some already! Perce is a fully functional eCommerce store with a built in social network, that allows members to sell their own items within a community. Perce.co also has a test inventory. Although I have no plans to sell the type of inventory for sale on Perce, the project allows me to harden my technology skills and allows me to exercise product photography. 

To view this live website click here

The Future Of Perce – I will continue to build Perce by converting the template here into a Django framework. My intention is to rebuild Perce.co up from the ground in the Python programming language.

Mobile Perce – The site also has a mobile app for Android devices, iOS is not yet developed. Perce is built with the mobile phone first in mind as a little research tells you 80% of internet shopping is done on a phone.

Back-end Tech – Perce runs off a customized LAMP Stack I built and actively maintain. Perce utilizes secure SSL, WordPress, Linux(Debian), Apache, MySQL, PHP, and an independent analytics system.

Toolbox – The site is built with plugins such as BuddyPress, and WooCommerce. I had to do some research that lasted nearly two weeks to find plugins that tied these two complicated systems together, the plugin structure behind Perce.co is interconnected and customized.

SUP Paddleboards

View the live site here

This is a one page HTML, CSS, and JavaScript page built in Dreamweaver. It’s one in a series of product splash pages I’ve built for CAS. This page is built to run fast, with heavy SEO, and expected to handle large volumes of traffic generated from paid advertisements.